Cherry Cabinets: A Popular Choice

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What type of appearance does cherry wood offer?

Cherry Cabinets: A Popular Choice

For a long time, cherry kitchen cabinets have been associated with higher prices and custom styles. Their dark, rich appearance is quite attractive and many colors can accent cherry cabinets and cherry cabinet finishes.

Overall cherry cabinets have become more affordable but, like many woods, prices can change. In fact, in the last few years cherry wood prices have been rising. Cabinet makers like working with cherry wood because it has a fine and even texture, a straight grain and can be cut with less waste. Cherry wood also comes in a variety of board widths, is moderately durable, finishes well and joints can be cut with ease. However, cherry is also associated with a lack of distinctive pattern. That means if you enjoy a more 'rustic' look in cabinetry, you might not like the slicker appearance of some cherry kitchen cabinets. Cherry cabinetry appeals to those who prefer a smoother surface.

One type of cherry wood now growing in popularity is black cherry, also known as Prunus Serotina. American cherry wood has a reddish brown appearance while European cherry wood is actually pale but ages to a darker color.



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