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Can I buy brass hardware for my new kitchen?

Be Careful with Lacquered Brass Hardware

If you like the look of shiny gold, then brass kitchen cabinet hardware might be a good choice for you. With the right colors and cabinet finish, brass makes a strong and bold style statement. Basic brass actually has a fair amount of copper and zinc in it, making it more durable than copper. However, it isn't as strong as other metals such as steel.

Brass has been made for thousands of years and -- although other hardware options like antique brass, glass and stainless steel are now popular -- brass remains available on the market for cabinet hardware. Make sure you check with your kitchen supplier to ensure you get a quality brass product before it's installed in your kitchen. Since brass is subject to corrosion, brass made commercially is most often treated with a lacquer finish so it doesn't corrode. Check with your supplier about care instructions for your brass cabinet hardware as you want to protect this finish when you clean or polish it. Never use abrasive cleaners or cloths on brass as you will scratch it. If you polish brass, use just a small amount of the polishing agent. Always test these kinds of products in a hidden area to avoid mishaps.

Is antique brass the same as brass?

Antique Brass Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The term "antique brass" does not refer to a particular metal but to a finish designed to look aged. An item does not have to be made of solid brass to have the look of antique brass. Most items manufactured today with the look of antique brass are indeed not solid brass. You can even use a specialty paint to achieve a faux antique brass finish on a variety of metals.

If you say you want to find antique brass kitchen cabinet hardware, you are likely referring to a particular style of finish -- one that appears worn or weathered and may absorb light rather than reflect it. If you don't like modern looks, antique brass finishes on our cabinet pulls and knobs may be a good choice. Shiny brass is usually associated with a more modern-styled room.

Antique brass finishes can work well with a variety of cabinet choices and stains. It mixes and matches easier than traditional brass does. You can also use antique brass hardware with a variety of color choices in your kitchen. If you have a family heirloom you would like to incorporate into your kitchen remodel project, using antique brass hardware and knobs that match your other cabinet hardware is a great way to do that. Antique-looking hardware in the kitchen also coordinates well if you have more traditional furniture in adjoining rooms, especially if your home has an open floor plan. You can also use antique finishes with your sink faucets to complete this aged ook.

Can I buy glass and ceramic drawer pulls and knobs for my kitchen?

Non-Metal Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Although most kitchen cabinet hardware has metal knobs and drawer pulls, some other materials have also gained in popularity. They include glass, ceramic and polymer. Polymers consist of chains of smaller units called monomers and may have billions of atoms. Melamine and polymers are used to make plastic containers and dishes, and much research still needs to be done on their varieties.

Glass cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls have become popular because of the range of color and cut that can be used to make them. They can have either a modern or an antique appearance. Glass is a combination of silica, soda and lime. Other materials are used to color or cloud the glass. It's favored by some because it does not leach chemicals like plastics can and it is recyclable. It's actually one of the most versatile materials on Earth.

Ceramic materials are popular as kitchen pulls and knobs because they can be painted allowing for endless motif designs to complement a kitchen. Keep in mind, though, ceramic and glass can chip and plastic is not as durable as most kitchen accessories. Also, if you choose these kinds of materials as accessories in the kitchen, make sure they come with a quality metal for attaching them. In general, before choosing hardware, consider the material, style of your cabinets and any maintenance that will be required.

Where can I see pictures of completed kitchens online?

Go Online to See How Cabinet Hardware Looks

When browsing for specific items to include in a kitchen design, it helps to see how a completed kitchen appears. For example, you may want to see how all the components of kitchen cabinet hardware -- knobs, pulls and other items -- look when they are installed together. If your installer does this and you find you don't like it, it will be costly and time-consuming to change in midstream.

One of the best places to see completed kitchens is online. Many companies have numerous completed kitchens for view. Sometimes a picture -- completed with hardware accessories and decorative items -- is the only way to completely visualize a future kitchen. If you are totally unsure about which hardware you like best, kitchen photos will get your creative juices flowing.

There is probably no better way to browse options in cabinet hardware than by seeing them on cabinets this way.

What is a self-closing hinge?

Self-Closing Hinges Are Useful in a Kitchen

There are numerous convenience items now available since you last updated your kitchen. One example is a self-closing hinge used on cabinet doors. If you left a cabinet door open and didn't see it until your hands were filled with flour, you don't want to get food residue all over it. That's one reason self-closing hinges are more common in kitchen cabinets.

A self-closing hinge pulls a door shut automatically after it has been opened. If you just give it a little push after obtaining what you want from the cabinet, it will close on its own without banging. Many custom cabinets come with this type of hinge directly from the manufacturer. There are several types of self-closing hinge designs and they are all made to last for the lifetime of the cabinet as long as they are maintained with a little oil to keep the spring and hinge from getting stuck.

If you decide on self-closing hinges for your kitchen cabinetry, keep in mind that -- unlike some hinges -- they will be visible. A basic self-closing hinge is made from two pieces of metal that are joined by a pin for easy rotation when a door is opened or closed. You can choose this convenient hinge in a design and style that matches your other kitchen elements, such as steel, copper, brass and other metals. Self-closing hinges also come in a variety of colors and so can act like a decor accent in your new kitchen.

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