Consider Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

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Do I have to store everything in my kitchen?

Consider Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Some people prefer a kitchen cabinet layout that features a closed space for everything -- glassware, dishes, utensils, pots and pans, and bake ware. With today's unique cabinet options, this is certainly possible and even relatively easy.

Because people are so busy, they like coming home to a non-cluttered kitchen that still allows for easy cooking and clean-up. But if you cook and run your dishwasher everyday -- and if you like authentic, restaurant-style decor -- open shelving can be used in lieu of an array of closed cabinets. This choice screams "I love to cook!"

Some people simply like the look of having cooking items out in the open. It has the feel of a real, working kitchen like that of a restaurant. For example, stacking dishes and attractive glassware on a stainless steel shelf above the sink and dishwasher not only looks unique but offers convenience. However, if you don't wash and sanitize your dishes daily, you might choose glass-faced cabinets instead. Additionally, you can open up the space below your island and use it to stack mixing bowls, bakeware and other useful food prep items. You might also have open space to store lemons, potatoes and similar foods that you use often.

In this way, food becomes part of your kitchen style statement and decor. Some people also use the space behind their stove for hanging utensils and pots they use more often. This type of kitchen organizing style may work best if you have a large kitchen layout but it is always an option if it fits your personal style.



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