Assess Your Cooking Lifestyle

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What should I consider before laying out a new kitchen?

Assess Your Cooking Lifestyle

For a big part of the day, a kitchen is as busy as a corporate office. If you have kids, you know that they are constantly in and out, plus there are at least three meals to prepare for most families. Entertaining and gourmet cooking has become a huge part of our culture, sparked by the numerous TV chefs that teach us how to cook restaurant meals at home.

But what good is a gourmet kitchen layout if you eat mostly pre-prepared meals? What good is making space for a commercial oven when it won't be used? That space can be made instead into cabinetry that holds typical after-school snacks. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you complete a kitchen layout.

  • Do you like and often drink fine wine? If so, how many bottles do you typically keep at one time? You may be willing to adjust cabinet space for a wine rack or cooler.
  • How many people cook in your kitchen? If that answer is more than one, are you considering the cooking habits of everyone?
  • Do you typically cook for two to four people, or do you make grand dinners for 6 or more?
  • Do you have any physical ailments that make reaching or bending difficult? If you do, a professional kitchen designer can adjust your cabinet choices to make food preparation easier.
  • Do you purchase in bulk or shop more often?
  • Do you buy more fresh foods or do you tend to stock up on canned and non-perishable items? You may have to give up some of what you want in a kitchen due to space or budget constraints.
Once you answer these lifestyle questions, place your answers in order of priority before you visit a showroom or a kitchen remodeling site. At this particular site, you'll find additional online tools to help you with your kitchen layout.



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