Typical Cabinet Choices for the Kitchen

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What types of kitchen cabinets should I have installed?

Typical Cabinet Choices for the Kitchen

Although newer cabinet options are being introduced all the time, some standard ideas still apply when picking out the right cabinets for the space you have. Most often the bottom of a wall cabinet is placed 18 inches higher than the counter top and a total of 54 inches above the floor. While many types of storage accessory cabinets can be chosen depending on your cooking and entertaining lifestyle, you have to ensure that all cabinet doors have enough room to swing easily without hitting other cabinets or your island. If they don't, you are asking for trouble and routine nick accidents.

Base kitchen cabinets usually have spaces about 4 inches deep and 3 inches wide so you can stand comfortably next to all counters. This does take away from some cabinet space but is essential so you are not always kicking these floor cabinets. You might be able to save money buying fewer, large cabinets versus smaller ones, but keep in mind that you need to have shelving designed into those cabinets so that you waste as little room as possible and yet still have immediate access to all stored items.

Tall wall cabinets offer more space for your money, but consider if you really want them. If you have to use a step ladder to reach these items, is it worth that inconvenience? Some people obtain significantly more cabinet space in their kitchen by taking cabinets up to the ceiling. To obtain maximum storage, opt for a pantry-style cabinet where you do not require a countertop.



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