Take Time to Pick out Kitchen Elements

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What type of sink and kitchen faucet should I buy?

Take Time to Pick out Kitchen Elements

Believe it or not, you can spend about as much time on just a new sink for your kitchen as you do considering cabinet storage ideas. Don't be tempted to skip over items like sinks because you might be sorry. For example, you might quickly buy the most intriguing faucet design but it may be hard to use.

Consider how you cook when determining a sink and faucet designs. Some sinks offer large, double compartments. Others offer one large and one small component. Others offer two compartments for washing and rinsing in addition to a disposal compartment in the middle. You want your sink to be just steps away from all food prep areas. More high-tech sink options include a separate, hot-water-on-demand tap. Others offer a large sprayer in addition to typical faucet handles. Center-set faucets include the hot and cold water handles as part of the main piece and are quite stylish.

Before you consider the size and depth of your sink, measure the largest pot you own and make sure it won't be inconvenient to fill. Some kitchen design ideas include a separate sink behind the cook top to fill large pots so they do not have to be carried.

Kitchen faucets come in chrome, brass, enamel, pewter and nickel. They can be shiny or have a brushed appearance. You can get even more chic faucet styling for as little as $100. Higher-end options might be several hundred dollars or even up to $1,000. Sinks come in granite, stainless steel, enameled cast-iron, acrylic and other composite materials.



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