Use Custom Cabinet Features to Store Tableware

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How can I customize my cabinets to hold tableware and other items more easily?

Use Custom Cabinet Features to Store Tableware

If you're in a hurry to set the table, and your kitchen cabinets are not customized, you probably spend a lot of time digging for bowls stored behind plates and trying not to break mugs that are stacked on top of each other. If you're in the middle of a kitchen remodeling project, consider solving these problems with custom cabinet features.

By using a floor cabinet, and customizing it with an simple slide-out, durable metal shelf unit, you can store tableware in such a way that makes setting the dinner table quick. Because the unit slides out, you can see all your tableware at once -- plates, bowls, mugs and dessert ware. Also, if you have young children and they have the responsibility for setting the table, you can avoid accidents in this easy-to-reach custom cabinet feature.

When you pick a location for such a roll-out storage option, try to keep it away from the work triangle so the table can be set without interruption to food prep. Drawer inserts can help keep flatware organized without extra effort. Additional drawer inserts can be purchased to hold and organize other cooking tools and knives. Many homeowners with kids like getting knife blocks off their counter tops. It prevents accidents and keeps cutting knives protected from harm. Additional metal racks can be installed in cabinets to hold pots, pans -- even non-perishable food jars. Finally, you can create a snack slide-out with these types of racks so kids can get after schools snacks easily and on their own.



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