Types of Kitchen Cabinets

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What are semi-custom cabinets?

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Prior to the 1950s, all kitchen cabinets were custom-made: they were created especially for individual consumers and their own homes. Today many cabinets are made at a factory according to standard sizes for most kitchens. While these may be the less-expensive choice, they may not fit one's personal taste or space restrictions. Custom kitchen cabinets have the highest price tag but are often the most unique.

According to award-winning cabinet manufacturer Armstrong, semi-custom cabinets offer some of the advantages of custom offerings without the high price and long lead times. Today's semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer many features once found only with custom orders. For example, you can add numerous storage features to your cabinets to fit your lifestyle and way of cooking. Semi-custom cabinets also come with many decorative finishes, moldings and wood choices, as well as decorative glass, giving them a custom appearance without a custom price tag.

If you visit Armstrong.com and learn more about measuring your kitchen, then visit an Armstrong showroom, you'll be able to see how easy it is to design a kitchen especially for you without having to hire a custom cabinet maker. You'll find there will be lots of options for different types of cabinet designs based on your specific space as well as ideas for making the room your own and finding space for everything you need.



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