Tips for Cleaning Thermofoil and Laminate cabinets

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How do I clean Laminate kitchen cabinets?

Tips for Cleaning Thermofoil and Laminate cabinets

Newer materials and production methods are now being used to make kitchen and other cabinetry. Online you'll find many choices for what is known as Thermofoil/Laminate cabinets. One of the benefits of such a new type of finish is that cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets will be a breeze even though the appearance of these cabinets will make onlookers think you purchased expensive custom cabinetry.

This finish, which goes well in a French Country kitchen, has a clear, shiny appearance. Most of the care tips for this type of finish are the same as for caring for cupboards and wooden cabinetry. However, you will not need to use any type of polish produced for wood. Just use a mild detergent or soap (sparingly) and water to clean simple food messes. Use a damp cloth for greasy spills, then the appropriate cleaner. Never use anything abrasive or powered agents to clean your Thermofoil/Laminate cabinets as this can cause scratching. Use a bag of ice on top of chewing gum or wax spills until you can crumble it off.

One of the most important cleaning tips for your Thermofoil/Laminate finish cabinets is to clean up spills as they happen. This will prevent them from being harder to deal with later on. Even though your kitchen gets more use than your den, bedroom or entry way, you should treat your kitchen cabinets with as much care as your treat other fine pieces of furniture in your house.



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