Repairing Kitchen Cabinetry

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What do I do if I scratch or dent my kitchen cabinetry?

Repairing Kitchen Cabinetry

By following a few simple tips, you can keep your cabinets looking beautiful for many years. You should read carefully all cabinet care tips that accompany your purchase as you may void warranties if you don't. But, nicks, scratches -- even cigarette burns -- might happen over the course of your daily routine. Most nicks and dents can be repaired with a care kit. Scratches and cigarette burns may be a little more time consuming to address but they can also be fixed following these steps:

  • Read the guidelines of the Cabinetry Care Kit and follow all appropriate steps for the repair at hand.
  • Rub the area with a fine sandpaper to remove the scratch or burn. Use Armstrong's color matched Touch-up Stain, then apply a light coat of Armstrong's Clear Sealer Finish after it dries thoroughly. Then, use the proper wood cleaner and polish to finish cleaning up all surfaces.
Caring for your cabinets this way will not only retain the value of your home investment, it will ensure you enjoy your purchase. Since you spent so much time picking out the right cabinet wood, design and finish, it makes sense to spend a little time fixing dents, scratches and other accidents.



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