Non-Metal Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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Can I buy glass and ceramic drawer pulls and knobs for my kitchen?

Non-Metal Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Although most kitchen cabinet hardware has metal knobs and drawer pulls, some other materials have also gained in popularity. They include glass, ceramic and polymer. Polymers consist of chains of smaller units called monomers and may have billions of atoms. Melamine and polymers are used to make plastic containers and dishes, and much research still needs to be done on their varieties.

Glass cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls have become popular because of the range of color and cut that can be used to make them. They can have either a modern or an antique appearance. Glass is a combination of silica, soda and lime. Other materials are used to color or cloud the glass. It's favored by some because it does not leach chemicals like plastics can and it is recyclable. It's actually one of the most versatile materials on Earth.

Ceramic materials are popular as kitchen pulls and knobs because they can be painted allowing for endless motif designs to complement a kitchen. Keep in mind, though, ceramic and glass can chip and plastic is not as durable as most kitchen accessories. Also, if you choose these kinds of materials as accessories in the kitchen, make sure they come with a quality metal for attaching them. In general, before choosing hardware, consider the material, style of your cabinets and any maintenance that will be required.



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