Be Careful with Lacquered Brass Hardware

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Can I buy brass hardware for my new kitchen?

Be Careful with Lacquered Brass Hardware

If you like the look of shiny gold, then brass kitchen cabinet hardware might be a good choice for you. With the right colors and cabinet finish, brass makes a strong and bold style statement. Basic brass actually has a fair amount of copper and zinc in it, making it more durable than copper. However, it isn't as strong as other metals such as steel.

Brass has been made for thousands of years and -- although other hardware options like antique brass, glass and stainless steel are now popular -- brass remains available on the market for cabinet hardware. Make sure you check with your kitchen supplier to ensure you get a quality brass product before it's installed in your kitchen. Since brass is subject to corrosion, brass made commercially is most often treated with a lacquer finish so it doesn't corrode. Check with your supplier about care instructions for your brass cabinet hardware as you want to protect this finish when you clean or polish it. Never use abrasive cleaners or cloths on brass as you will scratch it. If you polish brass, use just a small amount of the polishing agent. Always test these kinds of products in a hidden area to avoid mishaps.



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