Consider Different Types of Kitchen Hardware

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What is cabinet hardware made out of?

Consider Different Types of Kitchen Hardware

One of the ways you can make a style statement in your kitchen is by your choice of kitchen cabinet hardware. This type of accessory shouldn't be just an afterthought. It's integral to making the entire kitchen remodel feel perfect and satisfactory.

Cabinet knobs most often attach with one screw and are most often round and compact. But you may also find unique knobs designed in the form of other shapes that match a particular kitchen motif. Cabinet hardware can also be categorized by varying styles. For example, some hardware is scrolled and fancy and may look best in a traditional kitchen, while others are sleek and may look best in a modern or contemporary room.

Cabinet hardware can be made of many materials -- from pewter and brass to polymer, nickel and chrome. Just like other kitchen elements, these materials will vary in their strength, longevity and ease of maintenance. The surface of cabinet hardware will vary as well; it can be hammered, brushed, polished, weathered or have a satin appearance. Cabinet hardware can also be made of glass, plastic and ceramic. These options are popular because they can be painted. You can also purchase wooden cabinet hardware to directly match your cabinets.



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