Prepare Yourself for a Kitchen Remodel

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How do I handle communication with my kitchen designer?

Prepare Yourself for a Kitchen Remodel

Who in your house best handles stress, you or your partner? Before you find and hire a kitchen designer, you may want to have a discussion about how the project will flow. Remember, your lives will be totally turned upside down when your kitchen is remodeled. You should talk to potential contractor about how the day-to-day operations will go. It's usually best if one person handles daily communication will the contractor.

Ask your contractor for tips on the best way to talk about concerns. But, keep in mind, it's your house and you can set some rules. You can forbid loud music and swearing. You can tell contractors where not to park and how to enter your home. You can tell them you want all tools removed from the job site each day, especially if you have kids. Of course, you don't want to be unreasonable but you should set ground rules before work begins, and you should discuss some of your requirements before you hire a kitchen designer to see how they react.

Additionally, the person who is chosen to handle day-to-day communication should be familiar with design and building concepts so that communication is the most beneficial use of everyone's time. Many books on remodeling design include glossaries which may help you get ready for a kitchen remodel. Finally, don't hesitate to ask as many questions as you want of your contractor and if a potential company representative doesn't show patience during this initial interview, find another.



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