Get a Permit Before a kKtchen Designer Begins Work

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Why should I get a permit before my kitchen is re-designed?

Get a Permit Before a kKtchen Designer Begins Work

Your kitchen is likely the hearth of your home. You probably spend more time there than most rooms in your home. While you might be anxious to get your kitchen remodeling project underway, being hasty could cost you dearly. Don't gamble with you two most important assets: your family and your home.

Did you know that, if you don't obtain a permit for kitchen design work and a fire happens years later your insurance company can challenge the payment? If your whole house burns down, you could be financially ruined. And, a fire is most likely to happen in a kitchen. When an insurance company investigates, they may find that they work was not legal as a permit was not properly obtained. Also, if you allow a kitchen designer to begin work without a permit and the work is negligent, you may have no recourse.

Permits costs money, adding to the total budget of your kitchen remodeling project but, if either of these scenarios occur, you could be out thousands of dollars. Your architect, design/build firm or kitchen contractor should agree to get the permit for you. That is best as they know the specific details an inspector wants to see and know. Always get a copy of the permit for your own files and talk to the inspector if you have questions. Also, when a third party inspects potential work, you have another set of eyes on the project--that is always beneficial.



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