The Arts and Crafts Kitchen

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What is an Arts and Crafts kitchen?

The Arts and Crafts Kitchen

When someone speaks of an Arts and Crafts kitchen, they aren't referring to needlepoint or weaving baskets. Like Shaker and traditional kitchens, this style is a from another era. The roots of the Arts and Crafts movement are found at the turn of the 20th century. This style became popular, in part, as a reaction to the overly ornate Victorian styles also popular at the time.

Like the Shaker movement, the Arts and Crafts style is based on simplicity and living in harmony within the house. Other terms sometimes used to describe this decor are Mission and Prairie. The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright is known for a similar approach to design. The more authentic approach to this style features dark oak cabinets, but most updated Arts and Crafts kitchens feature lighter oak or maple cabinetry and hammered copper accents.

These kitchens also feature a lot of wood and plain windows that may or may not be covered. Natural fabrics, such as linen and muslin, are good choices in an Arts and Crafts kitchen as are pottery pieces in natural brown, blue, green and orange hues. Wallpaper in stylized floral or geometric motifs work well in these kitchens as do Native American rugs and Mission tables and other furniture pieces. If you can't find authentic accessories, many manufacturers are now making adequate reproductions.



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