Creating the Exotic Kitchen

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How do I create a more exotic kitchen?

Creating the Exotic Kitchen

Let's say your brand new kitchen cabinets are installed and your appliances are in working order. You've put away your knives, cutting boards, pots and measuring cups. But you look around and the room seems empty, and that's because you haven't yet finished the decor of your new kitchen.

Before you run to the local kitchen store or online kitchen site to buy typical fruit bowls, plates and other similar items, think about whether you'd like to create a different or even exotic decor in your new room instead. Maybe you love the decorating trends you see in Asia. Or, maybe you are mesmerized with the fabulous fabrics and colors of the Middle East. Maybe you brought back a few treasured items from a trip to Italy and you haven't figured out where they belong. There's no reason you can't use these ideas as the basis for a decor theme in your new kitchen.

With a little research at the library or online, you can complete the look. Create intrigue in your kitchen by using a textile as a wall hanging instead of a typical framed picture. Visit auction houses to learn about international antiques you can use as accent pieces in your kitchen. Here are a few tips more for creating an exotic kitchen:

  • Just about any color you choose has an exotic feel when paired with gold or black.
  • Don't buy wood furniture from the tropics. Be careful buying overseas; some companies may not be authentic.
  • Don't over-display exotic items so they compete with each other. Group items by color or texture.
  • Don't over-do exotic fabrics or use too many motifs.
  • Watch that accent pieces fit the scale of your kitchen layout.



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