The Rustic Kitchen

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How do I create a rustic look in my kitchen?

The Rustic Kitchen

No matter how high-tech we get, we still need nature to ground us. That's why many new kitchens are designed with a rustic and sometimes even weathered appearance. But why would anyone want to decorate with beat-up timber, uneven tiles and brick, and walls made to look like cracked plaster?

For some reason, combining these features with natural textiles like cotton, wool or silk has the ability to offer us comfort. For many years, rustic kitchens have been associated with homes in the country. But that's not the case anymore. If you are an urban or suburban dweller and you love a rustic look, you can choose that design theme for your new kitchen. In this type of kitchen, you can look to food itself as a decoration.

Choose a big wooden bowl for tomatoes on your island. Find glass jars for storing pasta, beans and rice. Find baskets to hold utensils, potatoes and onions. Since big, bulky-looking tables and islands are popular in rustic kitchens, your cabinets should be of the same design; otherwise they might get lost from a decor standpoint. Distressed finishes on cabinetry work great in rustic kitchens. Many modern companies sell such cabinets that are designed to look worn. Finding other decorative items for a rustic kitchen can be a lot of fun; try garage sales and thrift stores to hunt for older, metal bowls, pitchers and utensils but be careful to use these items only for decoration. Some of the best color choices for rustic kitchens are green, brown, orange-red and tan.



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