Choosing Color for your Kitchen

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How do I choose a color scheme for my kitchen?

Choosing Color for your Kitchen

If you are remodeling your kitchen, it's likely you are bored with its current color scheme. But how do you choose a new one that will work? There's no rule that says you have to choose your color first or your cabinets first. If you aren't sure about color, you can focus in other areas while you decide.

Some colors will work better with some cabinetry finishes and wood choices. If you choose cherry or mahogany cabinetry, a dark red or brown color might create an uninviting space. If you choose lighter, maple cabinets, too bold a color -- like a cobalt blue -- will likely overpower them.

Some color schemes in the kitchen work with a certain style. For example, French Country cabinetry is often paired with greens, yellows and oranges. If you decide to mix two or three colors, be careful, especially with painting walls. If you mix colors that are not of the same palette, it could clash. You can find out about color palettes from a kitchen designer or a paint expert. If you are simply unsure of what color scheme to choose for your new kitchen, look to home magazines, home decor shows and even TV commercials as they are likely to showcase current popular color trends. Or, find a decor item that you love and take your lead from that.

In the end, pick a color or colors that match your personality. Before you paint any walls in your kitchen, take paint samples home and tape them to the walls. Look at them in a variety of light, and leave them up long enough to know if you really like them.



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