Making Your Kitchen Look Its Best

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How should I decorate my kitchen?

Making Your Kitchen Look Its Best

Some rooms simply feel more inviting than others. Think of a friend's home that you love to visit. It's not likely an accident that you enjoy some friends' houses more than others. It takes some attention to detail and a few design theory tips to make a room look great. The same is true of your kitchen. You want your kitchen to look its best whether it's for you after you return home from a busy day or your guests when they come to visit.

When displaying items on surfaces and counters, turn to a professional design trick called the rule of three. When four or more items are displayed together, it appears busy to the eye and people will tend to look away. But two items doesn't offer enough interest and the eye is bored. Pick three related items for a given space to offer the most attractive decor.

Designers also talk about the importance of asymmetry. When things are too symmetrical, the eye is again bored. But a variety of heights attracts the eye. That's why placing candles of various sizes together has become a popular decor trend. Additionally, if you chose more modern cabinets with sleek, straight edges but that feels too harsh for your eye, look for decor items that are round, such as bowls, trivets or vases. This will soften a modern look.

Although the amount of kitchen decor items you choose can vary (some prefer lots of items while others prefer a sparse appearance), always leave some areas free of decorative items. Otherwise the items you have displayed will get lost in the clutter and lose their appeal.



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