The White Kitchen

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Are white cabinets hard to clean?

The White Kitchen

When choosing colors for a kitchen, most people are less likely to consider white. Won't it get dirty? Won't it be boring? What kind of color is white for a kitchen? If you tend to like contemporary styling, choosing white as your backdrop kitchen color may not be as boring as you think.

There are actually a variety of shades within the white color 'family.' Some designers create interest in a room by using a couple of shades in the same color. As for cleaning, newer cabinet designs are made of materials that allow for easy wipe up. White laminate cabinetry is quite popular and offers a dramatic appearance, especially when combined with chrome hardware. Here are a few other benefits of choosing white for a kitchen:

  • It helps brighten a room, especially if you have a covered porch blocking some of your outside light.
  • It presents a clean, calm and airy environment.
  • It allows you to change your accent colors whenever you desire.
  • It offers a neutral backdrop, which is attractive if you decide to sell your home.
  • White shows off well-chosen decor.
Even though white is often associated with contemporary styles, you can choose white cabinets for a French Country house and even if you have more traditional tastes. The accessories and decor items you add to a white backdrop can be of any styling and personal preference.



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