Choosing Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

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What wood should I choose for my new kitchen cabinets?

Choosing Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

Should you buy cherry cabinets, oak cabinets, maple cabinets or birch cabinets? What is plantation hardwood? Do you want a light stain, a medium finish or a dark one? Can you use alder for kitchen cabinets? If you love the color, mocha is there a way to create cabinets to match it? Kitchen remodeling can be great fun but it can also be confusing.

There are more cabinet choices and wood stains than ever as you'll see if you visit, a site featuring products for this JD Power Award-winning company. But, sites like this one, can help you easily narrow down your wood cabinet choices. For example, Armstrong recommends cherry wood cabinets for a more elegant look and traditional styling, while the fine texture of maple wood lends itself well to traditional and contemporary looks and offers curly or wavy variations in the grain pattern.

Plantation hardwood, or rubberwood, is moderately heavy timber with a large color range—from cream to yellowish brown. Plantation hardwood's best feature is that it adapts easily to machining and all finishes. And, alder's wood surface can vary all the way from white to tan to pinkish brown. At, it's easy to 'try on' different wood with different finishes with a simple click of the mouse. Once you do this to narrow down your choices, you can print out your favorites. Then, when you visit an Armstrong showroom, you can spend less time looking around and more time honing in on exactly what you want. Also, you can use your print outs to hang up in your kitchen giving you time to look at them over the course of a week. This trick often helps homeowners make a final selection



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