Wood Glossary

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What are some common woodworking terms?

Wood Glossary

As you discuss your kitchen design renovation with a qualified expert, you are likely to hear some new words (other than maple cabinets, cheery cabinets, etc.). Like many subjects, wood has a terminology all its own. It might be helpful to familiarize yourself with some common wood terms so you can be prepared to ask the right questions. Don't ever hesitate to ask your kitchen designer about something that isn't clear to you. The right cabinet design, the right wood and the right construction can make all the difference in how well your kitchen cabinets wear over time and maintain their appearance. Here are a few terminologies to help you during the renovation process.

  • Book Matching: This is when veneers from the same piece of wood are joined along the edges of the cabinets either in pairs or fours. It is often used on box lids, tabletops and panels.
  • Core: The wood to which veneer is applied. Wood is normally veneered on both sides to prevent distortion.
  • End-Grain: The end of a board that shows the growth rings. It is harder to work with than the long-grain when building kitchen cabinets.
  • Figure: A term applied to the patterning of wood. An interesting pattern in kitchen cabinet wood might be referred to as a good figure. The term 'figured' refers more to the distinctive markings that run at right angles to the grain direction.
  • Mottling: This term describes various figuring effects.
  • Short-grain: When fibers are long, wood is typically strong and pliable. Shorter grains tend to be brittle by contrast.



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