Wood Cabinets Mean Quality

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How do I know which wood to choose for my kitchen cabinets?

Wood Cabinets Mean Quality

For many years kitchen cabinets have been constructed of wood. This is because these cabinets receive so much use over time that they need to be made of a material that will last. Also, the look and feel of wood has always been considered desirable. But there are a variety of factors to look at when choosing the best wood for your kitchen renovation. Some woods may be your favorite choice from a design standpoint but may simply be beyond your budget. Others may not work because they do not offer enough strength for the project at hand. For example, wood that is likely to give isn't best for solid tabletops and drawers, especially if you expect it to fit snug and stay attractive for many years.

Some additional considerations include color, grain direction and finish and texture. It's common to create contrasts when designing because it attracts the eye, but too much contrast can be unpleasant to the viewer. For this reason, contrast in the kitchen should be considered carefully. Different types of wood can be smoothed and sanded, but remember any additional process that is needed to create kitchen cabinetry is likely to increase the cost. In most kitchens you will find cherry wood cabinets, natural oak cabinets or maple cabinets design.



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