Re-Design a Non-Productive Work Space

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How do I utilize space and custom cabinetry to improve my kitchen?

Re-Design a Non-Productive Work Space

When you begin to shop for cabinets, you'll find they often come in standard sizes. For example, base cabinets are usually 22 inches deep and about 34 inches tall. Counter tops tend to be 36 inches high and 24 inches deep so cabinets directly underneath them will need to fit to these dimensions. Wall cabinets can be as high as 42 inches tall and are often 12 inches deep.

But what if these sizes don't work for your particular space? What if you move into a new condo after getting used to a house-sized kitchen and find yourself cramped? What if you buy an older home that does not conform to more standard cabinet sizes? Fortunately, you can retrofit existing cabinets with custom-made spaces that work better. If you don't have room to expand your kitchen, this may be your best option for creating a new kitchen design layout. Did you realize that narrowing a doorway by just a few inches can allow for a foot more counter space? Or that buying a smaller refrigerator can allow room for a pantry cabinet directly next to it? Or that a ceramic glass cook top saves inches when compared to an old electric-coil one?

Here are some additional kitchen layout tips to get you thinking about how best to use this space in your home:

  • Consider a curved table as it may also 'buy' you more space for custom cabinets.
  • 'Cluster' your appliances on one wall to save space. By simply adjusting the placement of your cook top, wall oven and microwave oven, you may open up space elsewhere for custom cabinetry.
  • Look for wasted wall space, including the eat-in area. You can also purchase specially made cabinetry for these areas.
  • Consider visiting online resources.



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