Choose the Best Cabinetry Construction for Your Budget

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How do I get the best kitchen cabinetry for the price?

Choose the Best Cabinetry Construction for Your Budget

Part of re-designing your kitchen is choosing the right cabinetry construction for your lifestyle and budget. When you decide on a kitchen cabinet supplier, make sure that company offers some choice in this area. That way you'll get the best quality for your price.

For example, Armstrong offers three different cabinet construction options and their specific design specifications; this will help you get the best quality for your money. They include:

*Genuine Allwood Cabinetry™: A top-tier construction offering features found in custom cabinetry such as premier durability, strength, interior protection, concealed hinges and dovetail drawers. This choice is a great way to enhance the overall value of your home.

*Premier Series™: A budget-friendly choice that offers high styling, durable composite panel construction, multi-ply hardwood, six-way adjustable concealed hinges, as well as matching wood grain, or white laminate exterior with maple grained, or white laminate interior.

*Extreme Series™: An option for those who want the best quality on a more limited budget. This series features pressure treatment for water resistance, front to back solid pine side braces and a solid pine, four-sided drawer box with high-grade epoxy.



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