Quadric Cabinets Offer Custom Styling

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What are Quadric kitchen cabinets?

Quadric Cabinets Offer Custom Styling

If you haven't shopped for kitchen cabinets in a while, you are probably expecting all the typical options: maple, birch, cherry or alder wood. You are probably figuring the information that accompanies your installation will tell you a long list of care instructions you should follow if you want your cabinets to look their best and last a long time. But newer cabinets choices now abound. Innovative kitchen cabinet construction methods have led to cabinets that look like custom furniture but require very little care to maintain that appearance.

One such example is Quadric cabinets. Some people think of laminate as old fashioned, like the flooring that is now considered out of style. But laminate finishes on kitchen cabinetry are a great choice whether your design preference is traditional, French Country or Contemporary. Quadric is milled from a single panel of medium density fiberboard. Then it is clad under heat and pressure with a white, rigid vinyl. But, unlike most cabinetry made this way, Quadric offers square corners on doors and drawer fronts. These cabinets look like they were made just for your kitchen but offer easy cleaning requirements.

Quadric cabinets look exceptional with chrome hardware, clear glass and traditional crown molding but other options are plenty.



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