Veneer Cabinets Offer Style Without High Price

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What is wood veneer?

Veneer Cabinets Offer Style Without High Price

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, you may have heard some kitchen designers or show room experts refer to wood veneer cabinets. What are the advantages of this innovative cabinet construction? Should you buy it? What is it?

Wood veneer is made of the same species of trees used to make typical wood cabinets, such as maple, birch, oak, cherry and others. But wood veneer is made from very thin sheets of wood and then professionally adhered to another, less expensive material. Wood products with large surface areas are often made with veneer to provide an authentic appearance at a lower price point. As long as wood veneer products -- such as kitchen cabinets -- are made using proper manufacturing methods, they can be a good choice for those remodeling kitchens.

Wood veneer cleans easily and can be stained to create a variety of appearances just like wood. Go online to find out more about what kinds of innovative veneer cabinets you can buy. For example you can combine an understated maple wood grain door frame with a veneer raised panel in the center. Opt for furniture-quality veneer that produces a uniform look in both color and grain patterns. These cabinets will save you money on your total cabinet cost, especially if you have a large kitchen and plan to have a large amount of cabinetry installed. In general, when buying cabinets, you should consider buying the best materials you can afford.



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