Designing a Kitchen Online Saves Time

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How can I use the internet to design a new kitchen?

Designing a Kitchen Online Saves Time

If you're like most people remodeling their kitchens, you want the process to be as painless and efficient as possible. You want the most innovative look but between carpooling and work responsibilities your time is limited. The advent of the Internet has made remodeling easier and more fun. You can quickly 'scroll' through options and eliminate those that don't suit your tastes or lifestyle.

Additionally, at sites like, you can create your own innovative look without a lot of effort. Armstrong offers three ways to do this: Plan a Room, Design a Room and Design My Room. All these options are found on Armstrong's home page so you can explore which one is best for you and your project at hand. The site gives you instant access to all wood, laminate, thermofoil and other innovative cabinet choices and allows you to combine your favorite features. You can shop this way by using Armstrong's own designs or incorporate your own photos with celebrity design ideas.

Like what you see? You can email it to a friend or family member for a second opinion. Or, print out your room design to keep in your idea book. When you visit an Armstrong showroom, you can meet with an expert in innovative kitchen design to help you further refine your favorite look. Take your printouts with you to this one-on-one appointment.'s Design Gallery will also let you peruse innovative kitchen designs in a variety of styles such as Casual Country, Traditional or Contemporary.



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