Innovative Barn Wood Cabinets

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How can I design a more environmentally conscious new kitchen?

Innovative Barn Wood Cabinets

Quality wood lasts a long time. Some people who know that best are farmers. When they construct barns, they often utilize well-made wood since it has to stand up to the test of time, the housing of animals and harsh weather.

Many homeowners today are looking for ways they can "reduce their carbon footprint." That means contributing less to the shipping and production costs of new materials if it isn't necessary. Some environmentally conscious homeowners have found innovative ways to remodel their kitchens by using recycled wood from barns that have been torn down. This wood is called barn wood. Many truly committed woodworkers love to get their hands on barn wood. They love restoring it, working with its variety of textures and appreciating its history.

Even though barn wood has been exposed to the elements -- giving it a weathered look -- and may have cracks, nail holes and other imperfections, those who love a country or rustic kitchen style find barn wood attractive. It's just those imperfections that make barn wood an innovative choice for kitchen cabinetry. Barn wood can be stained any color you choose and has already been through a manufacturing process to remove splinters. However, if you choose barn wood for your kitchen, consult a skilled craftsman who knows how to work with it before you have it installed so the individual pieces used are durable. You can find out more about barn wood through an online search or by contacting woodworkers in your area.



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