Make Room for Trash and Recyclables in Your New Kitchen

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How do I get trash and recyclable receptables out of sight in the kitchen but still near where I need them?

Make Room for Trash and Recyclables in Your New Kitchen

Some people like as little clutter in the kitchen as possible. They want to avoid unsightly trash receptacles and recycling bins in their new custom kitchen. But they want easy access to these bins for everyday use and disposal.

Lucky for these people, you can customize your kitchen cabinetry so trash, recycled items, used kitchen towels and even some foods can be stored out of sight but within easy reach. By using a simple chrome insert, you can have a space designed for trash bins that simply slides out and back in -- the same is true for recycling containers. These custom cabinet features work best along base cabinets near the sink but you can put them anywhere it works for you.

If you want more decorative slide-out containers for foods like potatoes and apples, you can use the same concept with attractive rattan baskets that slide under your counter space but are still visible. These give your kitchen a rustic appearance popular among many homeowners right now. You'll be surprised to find out how many unique ways you can customize your cabinets to make life easy in the kitchen. For example, you can place a cutting board on top of a drawer that slides out when you need it. You can even buy a custom drawer built for an iron board so you can iron a few shirts while you are cooking a pot of soup. Now that's multi-tasking!



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