Customize Kitchen Cabinets to Hold Decorative Items

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How do I incorporate room for decorative items in my kitchen?

Customize Kitchen Cabinets to Hold Decorative Items

If you are planning a new kitchen, you might be bored with picking out custom cabinetry designed for storage. These new features in the kitchen industry are fun and solve many kitchen dilemmas, but you also want to show off some decorative items in your newly remodeled room.

Did you know many kitchen manufacturers can give you lots of ideas for customizing your kitchen cabinetry in such a way that incorporates displaying your favorite decor? This might include a plate collection, a vase or trivet collection, a wine rack, or custom shelving for figurines or framed photos. If you go online you can view many completed kitchens that incorporate some of these custom kitchen cabinet ideas. Room for wine storage can be created with criss-crossing wood slats that match or contrast your custom-built cabinetry. The same is true for shelves.

You might also create a custom-made cabinet with glass facing and glass shelves to showcase treasured investment items you brought back from a trip. Glass works well for such a display because it is reflective and draws the eye inward. You can also install special lighting for an even more dramatic effect. Or, you can install rounded shelves made of wood to contrast the other straight edges in your kitchen. When planning for these custom features make sure you keep them clear of routine traffic areas and place especially important items on a higher custom shelf feature.



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