Customize Your Kitchen Cabinets with Pull-Out Drawers

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How can I better utilize wasted space in my kitchen?

Customize Your Kitchen Cabinets with Pull-Out Drawers

There are so many ways to make your kitchen less cluttered and your cooking more efficient. Armstrong, a manufacturer of kitchen cabinets and accessories, recommends utilizing pull-out drawer space as best you can.

First, start with your sink area. Want a neat way to hide your clean up tools, sponges and brushes? Simple pull-out drawers can be installed in front of the sink in what would be typically wasted space. You can search for these under 'tip-out trays' on You can also buy special drawer inserts so you can just open a drawer and easily grab any spice you need. Some of the most interesting and unique ways to utilize pull-out drawers include installing taller, rectangular pull-out drawers next to your cook top or along your base cabinets in previously wasted space. These cabinet pull-outs are available in various sizes so that you can order what you have space for. They are also great for cooking oils and spices.

One of the best places to find such ideas is by looking through kitchen design magazines. Cut out space-savers you like the best and show them to your kitchen designer. He or she will likely know how to design your new kitchen in such a way that these custom features can be worked into the plan.



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