Consider Custom Built Kitchen Cabinets as a Style Statement

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What kinds of custom-built kitchen cabinets can I buy?

Consider Custom Built Kitchen Cabinets as a Style Statement

If you have a large budget for your kitchen remodeling project, you might consider custom-built kitchen cabinets. This means your cabinets will be specially made just for and your kitchen according to your own design specifications. Your cabinets are the most noticeable feature in your kitchen, so if you'd like you can choose them to make a strong style statement.

When you visit a showroom, you'll see just how many new features you can add to your cabinets today to customize their appearance. Examples include fluted pilasters, corbels, moldings, rope motifs, gingerbread trim and composition ornamentation, which looks like carved wood. Laminate cabinets, while they are associated with older styling and less expensive kitchens, are now offered in many different and unique colors. Believe it or not, you might even pay a cabinet maker to use special tools that make your cabinets look old! This process is called distressing.

In addition to wood custom cabinets, you can order shiny lacquered ones. Other techniques similar to distressing are aimed at adding dimension and interest for the eye. One such finish is created with a wire brushing technique. If you are reluctant to spend too much money on custom cabinets, consider adding special accents on your molding, door trim or island.



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