Use Kitchen Cabinet Doors for Additional Custom Storage

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How can I use cabinet doors and under cabinet space for more storage?

Use Kitchen Cabinet Doors for Additional Custom Storage

If you have a small kitchen, you have to be wise in how you use space, especially if you like to cook often and don't like a lot of clutter on your counter tops. The next time you open your kitchen cabinet doors, consider if they can be customized to conveniently hold cooking or food items.

Armstrong, a manufacturer of kitchen and bath cabinets and accessories, spends a great deal of research time and effort to find ways to customize your kitchen. If you visit, you'll be able to see quality photos of such ideas. A door-mounted shelf can be used to hold spices. Look for a door near your cook-top surface for mounting this space-saving item. Other types of metal door organizers can be placed in your pantry or pantry-style cabinet. These can be used for non-perishable food or other items you don't use as often.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates that cabinetry takes up as much as 40 percent of a kitchen remodeling budget. So, you should get the most of that space that is possible. Look under your cabinets as well for additional space to store stemware and wine bottles. Finally, if you have small children, search on for kitchen cabinet door security features.



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