Organize Your Kitchen with Custom Cabinet Features

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How do I obtain more counter space in my kitchen?

Organize Your Kitchen with Custom Cabinet Features

Has you kitchen become a catch-all? Is your counter cluttered with vitamins, spices and appliance cords? Is your oven filled with pots you don't have room for? Do you wish you had a safer place to store knives that didn't take up precious counter space?

All of these problems can be solved with one visit to On this site, you'll find a host of food and kitchen item storage solutions that you can build into your cabinets to customize how you use them. It may be easy to say, once you have your kitchen remodeled, that you'll do better. You will want to be organized because everything will be new and different. But it's unlikely you will make those changes without some custom kitchen cabinets at your disposal.

Before you remodel your kitchen, make a storage 'wish list' for your kitchen. What do you need space for? What do you want to get off your counters and into cabinets? To get your started here are a few favorites you can see on

  • Lazy susan corner cabinet storage: This allows you to utilize previously unusable space. Instead of digging for what you want, just spin the lazy susan to find what you want. It works well for both food and other kitchen items.
  • Appliance garage: This area hides your appliances in a decorative area with a pull-down door. It prevents clutter and keeps appliances safe when not in use.
  • Pull-out food storage: Order your custom cabinets to include pull-out drawers for food and spice storage. Then there's no digging to see what's hiding in the back.



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