Sprucing Up Old Kitchen Cabinetry

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How do I make old kitchen cabinets look like new?

Sprucing Up Old Kitchen Cabinetry

Let's say you bought an old house with lots of wood cabinetry in the kitchen. If there are water or other types of stains on the wood, you may have gotten a good deal on the home. But don't despair. You can try a variety of strategies and products to get older wood kitchen cabinets looking better.

Visiting a furniture restoration professional may be worth it as they know not only the characteristics of a variety of woods but also what products work best for different stains. Never try a product on your kitchen cabinetry without testing it in a hidden area first no matter what the directions indicate. A product used for heavy wood cleaning is oxalic acid. But, keep in mind, that this acid is a form of bleach and so removing stains -- such as those left by water -- may cause enough damage to the cabinet's finish that re-finishing may be in order. However, this might be worth the trouble because, in the end, your cabinets can look nearly new.

Some stains might simply be too severe to remove either with home remedies or items you purchase at a store. In this case, you may need to sand the stain and apply a fresh coat of finish. If you don't want to deal with this type of work, many professionals can do it for you. Again, restoring your kitchen cabinetry to its original glory will not only make you satisfied each time you enter that room, but will also add monetary value to your home.



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