Addressing Water Marks on Cabinetry

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What home remedies work well for water marks on wood cabinetry?

Addressing Water Marks on Cabinetry

Since your kitchen cabinetry is located near the sink, it's likely -- at some point -- it will develop water stains. If the finish on the cabinetry is old or worn, that makes water stains easier to appear. Sometimes water stains on wood turn white. Don't delay in addressing this type of mark on your kitchen cabinetry. If you do, it will be harder and maybe impossible to get off.

Believe it or not, some people have removed water marks on cabinetry with toothpaste or mayonnaise. If you use toothpaste in this situation, it must be white. Gel toothpastes will not be effective. Keep a soft, clean, lint-free cloth handy for water stains and, when they occur, rub the water mark gently first. You may find that this is all that's necessary. But if the stain remains, try toothpaste or mayo. You can leave these remedies on over night if it's an older water mark. Then, wipe with your clean, lint-free cloth.

Other people have discovered a paste of baking soda and water works best for water stains. You can also leave this home remedy on overnight. Some wood-lovers don't allow a water stain to dry in the first place. Use a blow dryer on low heat to dry it up before it has a chance to leave a mark.



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