Bringing Wood Cabinets Back to Life

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How do I make my older cabinetry look fresh again?

Bringing Wood Cabinets Back to Life

Even the best made wood cabinetry shows wear and tear over time, especially in places like cabinet doors that are touched again and again each and every day. You may be disappointed if you see your expensive cabinetry -- especially it it's real wood -- looking a little rough. But there are a variety of ways you can take care of the natural wood in your home, including your kitchen cabinetry. In fact, you should expect to spend time doing this to maintain your investment, especially if you think you may someday sell your home.

High-quality and attractive cabinets don't need to be replaced and that is a great selling tip. One way to get tips on maintaining your cabinets is to read all instructions that came with them. Don't just throw them in a drawer. But, if you didn't install your kitchen cabinets, a home remedy might help. Here is an example: Put about half a cup of olive oil in a dish and add a tablespoon of real lemon juice. This can be fresh squeezed or from a jar. After mixing, use a soft cloth -- preferably a lint-free one -- and use it to clean and freshen rough spots on your cabinetry. Just a little will do. Use this method about once a month depending on the usage your cabinets get.



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