Keep Cabinet Repair Products on Hand

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What products are available to repair kitchen cabinetry?

Keep Cabinet Repair Products on Hand

If you bought quality wood or laminate cabinets, you already know a few simple cabinet care tips can protect your investment and prevent voiding your warranty. Even though wood cabinets have finish coatings to protect them, you can still scratch the wood through abuse or an accident.

Be careful when using knives and other sharp kitchen accessories near your cabinetry. Always have a cutting board nearby and keep knives in a safe location. Avoid opening a cabinet drawer with a kitchen utensil in your hand. Keep plenty of trivets handy for hot cookware coming off or out of the stove. If you smoke, consider not smoking in your kitchen. Be extra careful with candles in your new kitchen. But even the most careful homeowner has accidents.

There are several products you can keep on hand for unexpected scratches, nicks, dents or burns. You can find out more about these products as well as cabinetry care tips at Here are some examples:

  • Cabinetry Care Kit: Contains all the materials necessary to repair nicks and scratches and for keeping your cabinets looking new.
  • Touch-up Markers: A one-step product used for small scratches.
  • Putty Stick: Used for nail holes, and minor dents and scratches.
If you purchased Armstrong's Thermofoil/Laminate cabinetry, you should also keep acrylic adhesive caulk and seam fillers on hand, which are available for these cabinets in different finishes. All these products come complete with instructions so you don't have to guess what to do. Never try to repair kitchen cabinetry unless you are following a manufacturer's specific guidelines.



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