Prevent Deterioration of Cabinetry

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How can I prevent deterioration of my cabinetry?

Prevent Deterioration of Cabinetry

Caring for cabinets is not difficult, but it does take some time and effort. In addition to reading all the cleaning instructions that have arrived with your newly installed kitchen cabinets, make sure you know how to avoid unnecessary deterioration of your cabinets. Even though they may be constructed of the finest wood and materials, they can still suffer damage in certain situations. Information about caring for wood cabinets is easily and readily available. If you visit you find these and many other tips on caring for cabinets:

  • Don't use scouring pads or powered cleaners. These may penetrate the cabinet finish allowing moisture to enter. Over time you will notice deterioration of your cabinetry and this will not be covered under warranty if you used improper cleaners.
  • Avoid all aerosol sprays that contain silicone or paste wax. Avoid leaving wet clothes sitting on or near cabinet doors and cabinet surfaces.
  • If you use any types of caustic cleaning agents, such as those made for ovens and dishwashers, be extra careful they do not come into contact with your cabinetry. Also be careful when you clean appliances. If possible, take smaller appliances away from cabinetry to scour or clean them.
These simple tips apply to all wood cabinets, no matter the type of wood or finish you choose.



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