Antique Brass Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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Is antique brass the same as brass?

Antique Brass Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The term "antique brass" does not refer to a particular metal but to a finish designed to look aged. An item does not have to be made of solid brass to have the look of antique brass. Most items manufactured today with the look of antique brass are indeed not solid brass. You can even use a specialty paint to achieve a faux antique brass finish on a variety of metals.

If you say you want to find antique brass kitchen cabinet hardware, you are likely referring to a particular style of finish -- one that appears worn or weathered and may absorb light rather than reflect it. If you don't like modern looks, antique brass finishes on our cabinet pulls and knobs may be a good choice. Shiny brass is usually associated with a more modern-styled room.

Antique brass finishes can work well with a variety of cabinet choices and stains. It mixes and matches easier than traditional brass does. You can also use antique brass hardware with a variety of color choices in your kitchen. If you have a family heirloom you would like to incorporate into your kitchen remodel project, using antique brass hardware and knobs that match your other cabinet hardware is a great way to do that. Antique-looking hardware in the kitchen also coordinates well if you have more traditional furniture in adjoining rooms, especially if your home has an open floor plan. You can also use antique finishes with your sink faucets to complete this aged ook.



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