Are Pewter Kitchen Cabinet Pulls for You?

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Can I buy pewter hardware for my kitchen cabinet hardware?

Are Pewter Kitchen Cabinet Pulls for You?

If you are shopping for kitchen cabinet pulls, you have likely seen pewter options. Although pewter is resistant to tarnish, it does change over time, creating a patina with age. Pewter initially looks glossy and bright, but over time it takes on a grayish tint because oxygen affects the metal. Make sure you consider this if you decide to buy pewter cabinet pulls and other kitchen cabinet hardware.

Pewter is actually an alloy metal. Its concentration is mostly tin (up to 90 percent) and it can also contain copper, bismuth or antimony. Caring for pewter is not all that difficult. It can be damaged by acid so it should be washed immediately if it comes into contact with lemon juice and similar liquids. If you decide on pewter hardware for your kitchen, make sure you use a polish that is made for it. Some polishes will damage pewter knobs and pulls.

Is pewter for you? For some people, pewter cabinet hardware may be just the thing to pull their kitchen style together. For others, they may simply have too little time to care for it or too many people in the kitchen to ensure it stays looking nice. Some cabinet hardware may be made to resemble a pewter finish. In general, pewter has a more antique rather than a more modern appearance.



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