Self-Closing Hinges Are Useful in a Kitchen

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What is a self-closing hinge?

Self-Closing Hinges Are Useful in a Kitchen

There are numerous convenience items now available since you last updated your kitchen. One example is a self-closing hinge used on cabinet doors. If you left a cabinet door open and didn't see it until your hands were filled with flour, you don't want to get food residue all over it. That's one reason self-closing hinges are more common in kitchen cabinets.

A self-closing hinge pulls a door shut automatically after it has been opened. If you just give it a little push after obtaining what you want from the cabinet, it will close on its own without banging. Many custom cabinets come with this type of hinge directly from the manufacturer. There are several types of self-closing hinge designs and they are all made to last for the lifetime of the cabinet as long as they are maintained with a little oil to keep the spring and hinge from getting stuck.

If you decide on self-closing hinges for your kitchen cabinetry, keep in mind that -- unlike some hinges -- they will be visible. A basic self-closing hinge is made from two pieces of metal that are joined by a pin for easy rotation when a door is opened or closed. You can choose this convenient hinge in a design and style that matches your other kitchen elements, such as steel, copper, brass and other metals. Self-closing hinges also come in a variety of colors and so can act like a decor accent in your new kitchen.



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