Custom Bath Vanities and Cabinets

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Can I get custom bathroom cabinets make for my bath remodeling project?

Custom Bath Vanities and Cabinets

After shopping showrooms and the Internet, you might find you are still looking for just the right bath cabinets or vanity. Some people who are having a custom remodeling job done in their bath turn to a professional wood-worker to have custom bathroom cabinets designed uniquely for their specifications.

While this process might be more expensive, it can pay off by increasing the value of your property as well as giving you more satisfaction. A professional woodworker will be able to take individual features you see on a variety of bathroom vanities and combine them into a perfect product. He or she may also be able to obtain different types of wood than is offered in retail stores.

One example is heart-pine wood. Longleaf pine, also called heart pine, is one of 11 species of southern yellow pine. Originally cut from old-growth forests in the south and southeast, heart pine is now being salvaged from old buildings and being re-milled into exquisite cabinetry. It is easy to cut but hard to shape, so make sure you hire only a professional woodworker to make your custom bath cabinetry from heart pine. You can get heart pine that has a perfectly clear grain or a knotty one depending on your tastes.

Keep in mind that the finish on wood has a lot to do with how the final product looks. Sometimes heart pine is called "pumpkin pine" because has an orange-brown appearance. Because the heart-pine a woodworker may use to create custom bath cabinets for you was originally from dense, old-growth stock, it will likely wear well. Always discuss with a professional woodworker your typical usage of the bath and make sure it's a good choice for you.



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