Bathroom Vanities Offer Versatility

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What types of bathroom vanities are on the market?

Bathroom Vanities Offer Versatility

Two of the most important aspects of buying bathroom vanities are: 1) Does it create the style statement you want? and 2) Does it offer a workable space--especially if more than one person may be in the bathroom at one time?

Have you ever fought over the sink with your spouse or teenager? Or tripped over the waste container because there is just no place to put it out of the way? Or tried to grab a fresh towel with your face and hands wet and had to turn around and get one out of a closet?

All these and other bathroom workspace dilemmas can be solved with a variety of bathroom vanities on the market. Double vanities are quite popular for married couples as they offer two bath cabinet areas and two separate sinks. If you have a large bathroom, you can even add a tall, vertical bath cabinet in between for more privacy. If you have less space, you can get an over-sized bath vanity that still offers two sinks. Other bath vanities come with towel racks on the side or shelves that can store towels. A fluffy towel in the bath is a great decorative accent. Still other vanities have spaces to slide a decorative waste bin out of the way.

If you have enough in your budget, consider getting a vanity that offers several counter heights for convenient workspaces. If you prefer a minimalist look, some bath vanities appear more like desks with just a small amount of space for storage on a bottom shelf. Finally, when buying a bath vanity consider whether you need drawer space, cabinet space or both.



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