Create a Spa in Your Bathroom

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How do I create a spa-like bathroom?

Create a Spa in Your Bathroom

Most people would agree they are too busy. There's not enough time to just relax. If you are in the midst of remodeling your bathroom, consider adding decorative aspects that remind you of a spa. If you desire this type of look in the bath, it might be best to consider light or white bath cabinets.

Many companies now offer light finishes even on wood bath cabinets. A white background creates a clean, simple and soothing environment. You might not be able to afford a fancy bathroom hot tub or steam shower, but you can still create a relaxing atmosphere set off from the rest of your home. With the right accessories it will feel like an escape.

Take a basket and fill it with fluffy towels in a nice pastel color. Buy fluffy bathrobes and hang them from wooden pegs. Get rid of clutter on the counter tops by using an additional vertical or wall hung bath cabinet. If you can commit to having no clutter in your new spa-like bathroom, you'll be surprised how easy it is to relax there. If you have a large bathroom, consider adding a chair with a foot rest.

A few plants and candles are also great accents. On the toilet top, place a rectangular dish with rocks or stones. Complete the look with a few oils and bath salts in decorative jars. If you decide to paint your walls, choose a light green. Many psychology experts agree it's one of the most soothing colors. Also, have quality cabinets installed and choose faucet and sink accents that do not make too great a style statement. They should be relatively understated in a spa-like bathroom.



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