Check Building Codes Relating to Bathroom Cabinets

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How do building codes affect the installation of bathroom cabinets?

Check Building Codes Relating to Bathroom Cabinets

Building codes are sets of guidelines that govern construction of new homes as well as updating of already completed houses. Building codes may seem like a pain when you are having work done at your house -- such as replacing bathroom cabinets -- but they are in place to protect the health and safety of residents.

Building codes vary from city to city and township to township, so make sure your bathroom contractor knows and respects the importance of these codes. You may want to knock out a wall to update your bathroom and make room for more bathroom cabinets, but only a qualified inspector can tell you and the contractor if that can be done legally.

Building codes also regulate adequate ventilation, plumbing and electrical specifications so they are especially critical in bath remodeling. Your contractor should obtain any and all building permits required to update your bath cabinets and other bath features but you should also talk to the inspector if you have any questions. If you visited your local building authority and took a look at building code rules and regulations (and how complex they are) you'd understand why it's best left to professionals.

It's also best to hire experts when installing bath cabinets. It takes at least two skilled people to adequately install bath cabinets.



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