Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Designs

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What type of cabinet designs are there?

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Designs

When your parents shopped for kitchen cabinets years ago, their selection was likely fairly limited. They would go to a store and find several options of both design and wood. More than likely, they wouldn't have been able to think much about what wood, design and finish combinations fit their personality and tastes best. Fortunately times have changed. Both customer demand and better production methods have driven the kitchen cabinet design market in such a way that buyers have more choices than ever before. When you visit, you can see what combination of wood, style and finish work best for you. What's more, by seeing this in color and by seeing photos of completed kitchens you can get a better idea of what you want. For example, do you prefer:

  • An arch design offering cathedral highlights that make a classic statement?
  • A raised panel design that is more traditional?
  • Or a flat panel that is popular among contemporary buyers?
Do you like laminate finishes which is easy to wipe down and care for? Or do you like a more sophisticated wood like cherry? These days there are also types of cabinets made with newer production methods such as thermofoil, which is milled from a vinyl wrapped material over fiberboard. Whatever type or combination of features you choose, make sure your supplier offers you the chance to see quality online photos of them before you buy. That way you will be able to buy what looks best to you.



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